Watford defender Christian Kabasele has hit out at plans to play Premier League games at neutral venues, saying it treats fans as idiots.

Premier League footballers returned to training this week as part of Phase 1 of Project Restart, the attempt to resume the season.

They are still some way from actually participating in games, with it still yet to be determined how that will happen safely amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

One plan that has been mooted is for games to take place at neutral venues so that fans cannot be tempted to congregate outside of grounds.

This is a topic that has been hotly disputed, and it seems Watford’s Kabasele is firmly against it, believing it shows a lack of respect to fans.

“It would still be a bit ridiculous,” he told RMC Sport.

“It would be taking supporters for idiots.

“That would mean that one does not consider them intelligent enough to realise the danger and avoid coming to see a match at the stadium? It does not mean anything.”

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While the clubs have returned to training this week, there have been several instances of player’s refusing to do so.

Watford captain Troy Deeney is one such player, going public with his belief that doing so would be putting his family and young children at risk.

His opinions have been criticised in some corners, but Kabasele is right behind him, revealing that Watford’s stance has always been to let the players decide.

“The club was very clear from the start: it will never pressure a player to come back,” he added.

“They explained to us that it was better to open the training centre, to prevent players from going to the parks or being unable to do real football work, to make our lives easier.

“Personally, I feel safer there than when I go shopping. We are surrounded by people tested negative… the risks are limited in this phase 1.

“It is still good for morale to see his teammates and to prepare for if the championship resumes.”