It had to happen sooner or later. Marc Muniesa has given an interview to a Spanish newspaper talking about his situation with the club, desire to play more football, and a potential move.

For what seems like months the Seville media have been linking Muniesa with a move to Betis, with Stoke’s asking price being the problem. Betis want a loan with a right to buy Muniesa in the summer for less than €2.5m, Stoke understandably haven’t exactly jumped at that off.

Speaking to Mundo Deportivo, Muniesa was asked if he’s happy in Stoke, and the defender replied: “Happy from a personal point of view because I am with my girlfriend, my son and good teammates, but in the professional life I am not having the minutes that I would want and that, in the end, takes a toll.”

In what looks like a set-up question, it was put to Muniesa that Stoke asked him to stay in the summer, but he’s not been involved a lot, and the defender was asked if he’s been disappointed by anyone.

“In the summer I met Hughes, asked if I would have more minutes and he told me I would play, but with the signings they did, I feared what would happen. Then I looked favourably on a departure from the Stoke, but I decided to endure, to have patience and still I played little. Now I’m fine again and the coach hasn’t completely fulfilled his word.”

Muniesa made it clear – “If I do not play at Stoke, I will have to find a way out” – but feels a summer move could be easier.

Stoke and Stoke City generally get a negative press in Europe with lots of lazy misconceptions, and Mundo Deportivo asked Muniesa ‘Stoke-on-Trent is not the most beautiful city to visit. How do you fight boredom?’

The Spaniard replied: “From the time I arrived, my teammates told me to look for a house near Manchester, because in Stoke there is little to do. Most of us live by Hale, Wilmslow, Altrincham… also with the United and City footballers.”