German newspaper Bild have sent a journalist to Gabon to follow the country’s team in the Africa Cup of Nations. Well, they’re not really following the team, but rather following Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The Borussia Dortmund striker has been linked with Manchester City and PSG by SportBild recently, so whilst he’s away with Gabon, Bild obviously thought they could get some quotes which weren’t too vetted by Dortmund.

It’s a big commitment and for a few days Bild have been reporting on rather mundane things like where the Gabon team eat breakfast, who sits next to who at the dining table, and how Aubameyang is very protected.

But now they’ve got their quote: “Nobody can foresee the future. One thing is certain: I am now in Dortmund and I love it there. But I cannot say that I remain two more years, or five or ten. It’s possible that in June a club comes, which finds a solution with Dortmund, and I go. But right now I really do not think about it. I focus only on the work with my teammates in Dortmund and in Gabon.”

As previously explained by Bild, Aubameyang has long held a Real Madrid dream, but they’re not keen, which apparently leaves Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, or PSG.

Guardiola hasn’t exactly seemed in love with Sergio Aguero recently so a big change could be on the cards… or maybe Manchester City could play them both.