One of the interesting cases of the final day of the transfer window was the move of Alex Collado from Barcelona to Sheffield United, or rather the lack of it.

It obviously looked like a big chance for Sheffield United, a Championship club signing a Barcelona youngster on loan isn’t the usual transfer route. It came very close to happening, with reports saying the paperwork had been signed.

The transfer, however, collapsed at the last minute. One of the versions claimed by the Spanish media was that the Blades did not accept the late change of terms presented by the player’s agent.

Now there’s official word from Barcelona on the subject. Club director Mateu Alemany spoke to the local media today, and spared a little time to explain what happened during the negotiations with Sheffield United.

“They had been talking about Sheffield for weeks, and two days before, everything had been discussed and agreed by the player,” said Alemany (via Sport).

“We did the procedure that Barça had to do, and it was up to the English club and the player to provide the contract, since they had signed the transfer agreement. For reasons that we are still investigating, it did not take place, midnight went and the club did not complete the documentation. We accept the version of the player and his representative as good, but we also want to know that of Sheffield United.”

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Now Collado can’t even feature for Barcelona as he isn’t registered in the squad. Alemany explained that issue as well.

“The withdrawal of his license was linked to a case of transfer, and since it did not occur, we have already asked the Federation to reinstate the effects of the withdrawal because there has been no transfer.

“If the green light is given to reverse that, it occurs the player would be, for purposes, registered with Barça B and could play with both teams. If it does not occur, it would be a legal process and he would have the possibility of going to other markets that are still open.”

Barcelona appear to have given a hint they’re not taking the version from Collado’s agent as watertight, not until they speak to Sheffield United.