Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport touch on the Tony Sanabria situation in their Thursday edition, saying that the forward is ‘increasingly towards Tottenham’.

Rubin Kazan had returned with refreshed interest, with some claims in Italy of a €15m bid being refused this week. However, Gazzetta dello Sport don’t seem to think that makes much difference, because Sanabria has no intention of joining Rubin Kazan, not at this stage anyway.

Tottenham are the preferred destination, and Gazzetta dello Sport say a deal is getting closer. AS Roma are said to now want €20m for Sanabria, that’s gone up €5m in a day, with €15m being the old stated asking price, but that changing very quickly.

When Sanabria moved to AS Roma from Barcelona, it was a huge saga, especially for a player who wasn’t close to making a breakthrough into the Spanish club’s first team. Repeatedly claimed to be joining Arsenal, Sanabria didn’t, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if Tottenham’s rivals were used to drum up interest from elsewhere.

The same may well be happening now and the Sanabria case could drag on for a while longer yet. If Tottenham are interested, genuinely and seriously, then Sanabria snubbing other options is of course a boost for Mauricio Pochettino and Daniel Levy, the will of the player giving the latter more power in talks.