With Bruno Fernandes set to play the Lisbon Derby in a couple of hours, there’s big expectation around what could be his last game for Sporting.

But TVI24 show Mais Transferências, which has been giving daily updates on the saga involving the midfielder and Manchester United, is no longer sounding very confident about a deal.

Journalist Luís Villar has spoken about the negotiations today, claiming that the Red Devils are offering €50m, and Sporting are demanding €65m.

He says the Lions continue to expect Manchester United to increase their offer by 30%, and he reckons that it’s too much for the January transfer window.

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The journalist acknowledges the advancements in negotiations, but says that the longer the talks take, the harder it’s getting for the clubs to agree the last details, with each side getting tougher when defending their position.

With still ‘many steps before they get to the last step’, he says this 30% request makes the transfer a little harder to complete.

There was no explanation on whether the €65m requested is the base price, total price including any bonuses, or total price including the most realistic bonuses.