Earlier this month we covered claims from CalcioNapoli24 that Manchester United were providing competition to Napoli for Hirving Lozano.

The Mexican is expected to leave PSV during the summer market and Napoli are thought to be very interested in the player. In the original report it was claimed that the Dutch club are open to a sale, as long as someone shows up with €50-60m.

Whilst Napoli wouldn’t be able to pay that amount, it was explained they hoped Carlo Ancelotti could pitch Lozano and convince him that the Serie A side is his future, helping to bring down the price.

Today, CalcioNapoli24 have what they present as an exclusive on Manchester United interest. It’s stated that now Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is confident he’ll be staying at Old Trafford beyond the end of the season, he’s ‘immediately’ asked the club to sign Lozano.

At the same time, he’s said to have made it clear he’d like to see the back of Alexis Sanchez. The claims also state that Manchester United were interested when Jose Mourinho was manager but ‘nothing more was done about it’.

This time the price is put at €40m, manageable for the Premier League club, but again not for Napoli.

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The changing fee would give basis for doubting the story, and CalcioNapoli24 also state Manchester United’s board had preferred the idea of signing Philippe Coutinho, but feel that transfer would be too hard.

CalcioNapoli24 round things off by saying ‘it seems like Ferguson himself has endorsed the choice of Solsjaer’.

There’s a lot here which fans will turn their noses up at, but there’s a reasonable chance someone is telling Napoli and the club’s local media that Manchester United interest exists.

Whether that would be to hype the situation, or a genuine transfer plan, is in the eye of the beholder.