With the transfer window set to close on Tuesday, clubs in England are still trying to get a few players in, as they prepare for the second half of the season.

However, signing a new player can’t always be a solution to a problem, and Everton boss Ronald Koeman has been discussing it in his column for De Telegraaf.

He said: “As a coach, I see if a new signing can hinder the development of a new talent. We can go and sign again, but in six months a talent might just be ready.

“Then you want to give him perspective. I think it’s nice to see the young players from their own training centres in England knock on the door.

“I want to give them confidence. In England, they generally hesitate, and don’t play young players too early. But as a Dutchman, I just don’t hesitate to give them a chance.”

Koeman gives the example of the match against Manchester City, which Everton won 4-0, and finished the game with two very young players.

The Dutchman insists he could go out and sign players at Everton, but always has his eyes set on the youth academy to check if they can bring someone to the senior squad.

The former Ajax boss says he admires the attitude of young English footballers, and insists players like them can’t be found in Netherlands or any other European country.

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 10.18.55He added: “The Premier League has made many foreign purchases and sometimes that’s inevitable, but I get to see the appreciation of everything just by walking in the training ground.

“I admire the attitude, the mentality and behaviour of the young English footballers. They go like the fire, you don’t need to do anything to their motivation and I have to slow them down rather than push ahead. They possess a certain character that you don’t see in the Netherlands or in other countries. It’s a different culture.”

Koeman’s has backed up his comments by showing at Everton, and previously at Southampton, that he’s willing to give youth a chance.