Since Harry Kane attended a Nike event last week and spoke to the world meida, interviews have popping up with the Tottenham player, and Saturday sees the turn of Marca.

A Real Madrid leaning newspaper, it was inevitable Marca would ask Kane about a possible transfer to the club. The Tottenham player was asked how close he was last summer to signing for Real Madrid, to which Kane replied: “It was just a rumour.”

Naturally, Kane was then asked if he’d like the experience of playing in Spain at some point in his career: “I don’t know… it’s difficult. Right now I’m focused on Tottenham. I love being here, this is my home, where I come from. It also depends on each project but for the moment I am very happy in England.”

Kane and his Tottenham teammate Dele Alli have both been linked with transfers recently, with rumours being pushed which are so transparently fictitious that it can become irritating more effort isn’t put into thinking them up.

Asked about Alli, Kane said: “Dele is a fantastic player. On the pitch has a very good character. He’s a fun person and it’s great to be around him. For me he’s like my little brother. We understand each other very well playing together, he is a very good friend and a very good person. He is doing fantastically but he is still 20 years old. He wants to keep playing and growing. The truth is that with Pochettino he is learning a lot and doing very well.”

Kane himself is still just 23 years of age, and when asked by Marca what his personal aims are, the Tottenham striker made it clear he’s going for the very top: “I hope to be the best player in the world.  I’m 23 years old and I think I’m doing things right, scoring goals… I hope I can also get titles.”