Renato Sanches’ disappointing debut for Swansea City wasn’t only big news in the UK, but in Portugal as well.

Most of the local outlets reported how badly the midfielder played in his first Premier League game, as the local media still expects him to prove himself.

Today, newspaper Record has an article to cheer up the youngster, this time explaining great players who didn’t have dream debuts.

They claim that Renato Sanches ‘has company’, and some pretty big ones, as they mention the debuts of Lionel Messi for Argentina and Zlatan Ibrahimovic for AC Milan.

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It’s recalled that Lionel Messi was sent off on his international debut against Hungary, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic missed a penalty in the 87th minute in his first game for Milan.

Record says Renato Sanches still doesn’t know his Swansea City teammates well and only trained with the squad two days before the match.

The match was covered in Portugal, as was the negative reaction from some in the UK media. Added to the pressure from the Portuguese media, and perhaps it gives a clue why Renato Sanches has at times found it hard to cope.

A couple of good Swansea City games, and he’ll again be hyped beyond all reasons. It’s never balanced with Renato Sanches.