A claim from The Sun that Andre Schurrle was offered to West Ham as the transfer window closed will split fans on whether it’s true or not. There’s every chance West Ham have been feeding such information out, and almost bragging that they turned the chance down, but the idea isn’t as ridiculous as it may immediately seem.

Schurrle isn’t having a great time in Germany. Things have never consistently clicked for him at Borussia Dortmund, and a string of injury problems continue to be an issue for the former Chelsea player.

BVB paid a big fee for Schurrle and if they could get that back from West Ham, and make a profit, then there’s a good chance the club would go for it. The footballer turns 27 years of age in June, and getting £26m from West Ham would be something of a result.

Embed from Getty ImagesIn Germany the claim is being covered by SportBild and others, and interestingly, fan forums are backing the general idea.

Comments like ‘It’s worth a consideration for Dortmund… was much too expensive anyway’ and ‘Would even be for the best I would say’ are typical of the reaction on fan forums. 

With the idea now turning to winter, West Ham getting the player would likely be possible, especially if his Dortmund career fails to really take off between now and then.

However, given how reluctant West Ham were to pay for William Carvalho this summer, and how reluctant they’ve been to spend such amounts in the past, it’s hardly likely the owners would dish up such an amount for a player with increasing question marks.