Despite failing to score or assist his teammates in his 10 appearances for Watford this season, the general feeling about Andre Carrillo is that he could be a decent long-term addition.

At least, that’s what the Hornets were allegedly thinking about just over a week ago, according to the Portuguese press, and the Benfica winger is available to them at any time for either €15-20m depending on the source.

Enjoying his time in England, the Peru international spoke to The Brit, a magazine given to students of the Peruvian language centre ‘Británico’, about adapting to a new club and a new footballing culture.

Relayed by Perú21, he said: “Marco Silva’s presence means a lot because it means that he trust me. Now I need to work hard with the goal of keeping that trust.

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“It’s a very competitive league. I think everyone would like to play there. You have to work as hard as you can, and surround yourself with very professional people”.

One of the biggest changes for him, however, and this seems to crop up in a lot of interviews with footballers coming from Portugal, is the atmosphere in stadiums.

The Watford winger continued: “There, the stadiums are always full. When you play away, you really feel like you’re playing away. In Portugal, if you play for one of the more popular teams, you always feel at home even when you’re away”.

A semi-regular for his country these days, Carrillo played in both legs of his country’s victory in the World Cup qualification playoffs against New Zealand, helping Peru reach the competition for the first time in 36 years.