Portuguese newspaper Record have Ronaldo splashed across their front page with claims of a Real Madrid exit.

The actual story is tucked away towards the back of their newspaper, but is still explosive in its content.

Ronaldo has made an ‘irreversible’ decision to leave Real Madrid, report Record, and a move to Italy, France or England is possible.

The reasoning behind the ‘irreversible’ (haven’t we heard this before?) decision is that Florentino Perez has gone back on promises made to the player. This isn’t about money, oh no, but rather ‘the recognition of his status’.

Record say that after the 2017 Champions League Final, Perez made a promise to renew Ronaldo’s contract, putting the player at the salary level of Lionel Messi and Neymar. The promise was later confirmed in a telephone call from Perez to Ronaldo, according to the claims.

But nothing happened, and the Portuguese newspaper states the ‘last opportunity’ came on Tuesday when Perez met with Jorge Mendes. Again, there was no advance.

Ronaldo has continued to play well, but there once again seems to be a real issue in his relationship with Perez, as Record say: ‘Worse, the leader of Real Madrid – who was not the president when CR7 arrived at the club – never failed to devalue the feats and importance of Portuguese in the triumphal path of the blancos and never had a word of gratitude or admiration for Cristiano.’

‘It’s a fact’ that Ronaldo is now ‘far’ from being one of the world’s best paid players, with it being claimed Alexis Sanchez earns more at Manchester United.

Record end their article with: ‘At this moment, the decision is inevitable and irreversible: Ronaldo will leave Real. Now the auction is open. Those who desire the best in the world, have the green light to go forward.’

So, it’s not about money, but it kinda is about money (which may be understandable), and the decision is irreversible ‘at this moment’.