We’re pretty sure that website HITC write in English, a language which the Portuguese press understands very well. But it continues to be incredible how their stories are often mistranslated by that local media.

Today, newspaper Record brings a story with a headline saying: ‘Fejsa wanted by Tottenham’. It claims that according to reports from England, more specifically from HITC, Spurs are interested in the Benfica midfielder, who has already been linked to the club a year ago.

HITC did have a story on Fejsa and Tottenham on Thursday, but what they were doing was to suggest Spurs should go for the player in the summer.

The website claimed the London side need a reinforcement for midfield and the Serbian player could be a quick fix for Mauricio Pochettino.

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We wonder if the Portuguese papers do it on purpose. Because even though they can accurately cover rumours from the English press, this isn’t the first, nor the second time they mistranslated a story from HITC.