Earlier on Tuesday we covered claims from France of Leeds United having an interest in Julian Draxler.

RMC Sport’s Mohamed Bouhafsi reported the newly promoted Premier League club have been in contact with the Germany international to try and convince him to leave PSG behind and move to Elland Road.

However, Draxler was presented as being against the move, preferring to stay in the French capital for the coming season.

Sky Deutschland now back up that stance, making Leeds United’s task sound near impossible. According to their own information, it’s stated the 26-year-old wants to remain with PSG, feeling he’ll get more minutes over the final season of his contract.

It’s then stated he would be available for a free transfer next summer, and able to get himself a big salary and a ‘large amount of bonus money’ by taking advantage of his status.

And it’s that which Leeds, and other interested clubs such as Bayer Leverkusen, would truly be battling against.

January isn’t too far away, and from then on Draxler could negotiate with new clubs, able to choose whichever opportunity suits him best. There’d be no transfer fee for PSG, with the player able to take financial advantage.

PSG probably won’t be thrilled if this is Draxler’s intention, and there’s a chance he’ll be made aware there won’t be much football on offer in Paris if he’s simply using the club as a showcase for a big payday.