There’s a rather big sport story in Turin at the moment. A certain Cristiano Ronaldo is rumoured to be joining local club Juventus, and the Turin media are rolling around in it all.

Juventus had been looking to sell several players even before the Ronaldo story, and with the Turin press convinced the move is happening they’re pushing the sales as being more urgent.

Tuttosport have picked out several players and explained where they think the money is likely to come from. For Stefano Sturaro, a Premier League move is seen as near certain.

The Italian newspaper love picking out percentages for transfer chances and on Sturaro they say he has a 35% chance of joining West Ham United, a 25% chance of moving to Newcastle United, Leicester City are given 20%, Everton are given 15% and there’s only a 5% chance he’ll stay at Juventus.

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A week ago, the same Italian media were presenting a move to Newcastle as pretty much agreed, and then it was West Ham again, with Leicester and Everton coming before both in claims.

The price put on a move is €20m, but it’s likely Sturaro can be signed for at least a couple of million less.