There’s something genuinely irritating about the Thiago Alcantara rumours this summer… there seems a complete lack of anything genuinely concrete.

A whole series of claims have been presented over the past few weeks, and yet the vast majority have felt very wishy-washy.

Take Bild’s latest article on the situation, their headline reads: ‘The fight for Thiago’

The alleged scuffle is ongoing between Liverpool and Manchester United, according to the claims, yet neither side seem to have even got to the stage where they’ve taken their coat off and asked a friend to hold it.

Bild point out, as they reported yesterday, Manchester United have been in contact with the Bayern Munich player’s advisor. Those claims from Wednesday felt weak given they were presented in an article which rubbished reports from England of Bayern accepting a €30m United offer… reports that were never actually made.

On actual information, that’s all they seem to have, other than saying the player would be leaning towards Liverpool, a conclusion which is presented after they give the pros and cons of each club. Jurgen Klopp is the driving force, with it believed he and his team have more to offer right now.

In the advantages for Manchester United, it’s stated: ‘In the midfield, Thiago would have to assert himself alongside Paul Pogba, Scott McTominay, Nemanja Matic and Fred – less competition than at Liverpool.’

That completely ignores the signing of Donny van de Beek, which had been announced prior to Bild publishing their article.

Liverpool has always looked the likeliest destination, partly because, from the outset, that’s where the German media insinuated Thiago wanted to play. But, as it stands, this one seems to be peddling backwards rather than moving to the imminent stage.