Tuttosport are so excited they could burst.

The Turin based sport newspaper are currently in a Cristiano Ronaldo wonderland, entirely convinced the Real Madrid player is moving to local club Juventus.

As well as article after article about what it means for Juve, and how it’s the revival of Serie A’s glory days, there’s claims on the sales.

A transfer fee of €100m isn’t unthinkable for Juventus, and wouldn’t require the club to sell a raft of other important players, but they do need to move some on.

For a while the idea of selling Gonzalo Higuain has been of interest in Turin, even before the Ronaldo circus rolled into town. Tuttosport believe a transfer to Chelsea is very likely indeed and give it a 90% chance.

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Yep, it’s claimed Higuain only has a 10% chance of staying at Juve and there is no other club mentioned, Tuttosport believe he’s off to Chelsea.

The estimated transfer fee is put at €60m which still seems a little high given the Argentine international turns 31 years of age in December and isn’t the most athletic of footballers.