On Friday, Brazil national team manager Tite has called up the squad for the firendly matches against Uruguay and Cameroon.

During the press conference, he asked his assistant Sylvinho to tell the story about the time Everton forward Richarlison was indicated to him.

The suggestion was made by right-back Pablo Zabaleta, who played with Sylvinho at Manchester City and is still friends with him.

Zabaleta was playing for West Ham at the time, and called Sylvinho after a match against Watford where he just couldn’t handle Richarlison.

Tite asked Sylvinho to imitate the conversation in Spanish. Before revealing the talk, he said “This is going far, huh, guys. It’s going to cause confusion (laughs). No, the story is true.”

Then he started explaining how the phone call went.

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– Sylvi, how are you, all right?

– Yes, yes, Zaba, good, good.

– Look, did you know there’s a spectacular player here at Watford? Oh, this player is strong, he took me out of the pitch four times. Son…

Sylvinho claimed he couldn’t go on with that sentence, and then continued.

– Yeah, yeah, Zaba, I know, he looks like a good player.

– No, good, no, he’s very good, strong, shameless Brazilian…

This was the funniest part of the interview, not only for Zabaleta’s quotes, but also for Sylvinho’s imitation. The former City player has claimed that many of his former teammates help him pick new targets for the national team, but Pablo Zabaleta and Lucas Leiva are the main among them.