It’s probably fair to say that it’s been a while since Alexis Sanchez made it to the headlines because of a wonderful performance.

The Chilean star has been getting media attention for other reasons lately, such as his poor form, the end of his relationship, and a possible January transfer.

Now even though Sanchez is clearly in need of an improvement at Manchester United, he’s once again being news for some other reason. And believe it or not, because of a film this time.

As reported by La Cuarta, the shooting for Alexis Sanchez’s movie will start in two weeks. In the next few days, director Alejando Fernandez will be picking the kid who will play the footballer.

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La Cuarta claims that a movie is one of Sanchez’s ‘childhood dreams’, and as soon as the player has some time, he will start taking part in the shooting.

The outlet says it’s not a biopic, as first expected. It’s actually a story where a kid dreams of being a successful footballer, and Sanchez shows up to help him achieve that.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t tell the boy he has only scored one goal for Manchester United this season.