Aside from all the transfer comments, the story of Marko Arnautovic’s current international break revolves around both injury and illness.

The West Ham player has been carrying a knee problem for a while, and earlier this week Salzburger Nachrichten reported the player’s left knee has been ‘injured for weeks’ and ‘still causes problems’.

Due to the ongoing nature of the issue, it was stated he’s ‘sometimes treated with syringes’.

Arnautovic himself said“I cannot say if I’ll get an injection on Thursday.

“Of course there are people who say they should spare themselves and do nothing for a week, but it’s just difficult.”

In the end he was able to play, and there’s no reporting in Austria on whether that was with the help of an injection or not. The country drew 0-0 with Bosnia, and the West Ham player was frustrated after the match, feeling he just hadn’t received enough service.

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Given the ongoing knee issue, it’s unclear whether Arnautovic will play in his country’s next match with Northern Ireland, and there’s also an illness issue.

Laola1 quote national manager Franco Foda as saying: One day ago he was still in bed because he was broken, it just speaks for him that he’s always ready to give everything to the country.”

West Ham fans will hope he saves something for his club team.