We don’t know whether wh*re is considered a swearword but we’re not sure so we’ll star it out to please the internet.

What we are sure of is that footballers probably shouldn’t use the word to make insulting remarks about their own club and then have a teammate upload it to social media.

This is what has got Emi Buendia in trouble at Cultural Leonesa, and what has prompted fresh Leeds United links from La Nueva Cronica.

Yelko Pino, Buendia’s then teammate, is recorded by the Leeds United linked player as saying things including: “I sh*t on the Cultural wh*re.”

Buendia then uploaded the video to social media and, obviously, all hell broke loose.

The pair were forced to apologise to fans, and Buendia released a statement saying: “I want to apologise to the whole Cultural family for the unfortunate content that I published on my personal social networks this morning, it was a joke, a comment from my teammate towards me and that, at no time, was directed with intent to Cultural or anything that this great club represents, I have published the situation decontextualised and offered an image of my partner that is never the real one.”

Ok Emi, so why do it then?

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Anyway, Yelko Pino has since been kicked out and is now at SD Ponferradina.

Who? Exactly.

The Spanish media source go with a headline saying: ‘Emi Buendia could leave the Cultural for English football’

Leeds United are the possible destination mentioned, due to previously reported interest and Cultural’s links with the club. The Championship club were linked in September and around that time Buendia was doing really well, he’s dropped off somewhat since.