Newcastle United are being dragged further into the drama currently unfolding around Lorenzo Insigne.

The Napoli player has a contract expiring at the end of the season and, predictably, his representatives and the Serie A club’s president, Aurelio De Laurentiis, are locked in a not-so-private war over a potential renewal.

For a long time it just seemed like the normal drama which goes on where ADL is concerned, and that Insigne would eventually renew. However, rather than things getting calmer the situation seems to be going the other way.

Last week, Insigne’s agent made public that Napoli’s renewal offer saw wages around half what the 30-year-old currently earns, which obviously isn’t going to be accepted.

Rai radio, a major outlet in Italy, have now pushed Newcastle to the forefront.

Covering the Rai report, Mondo Napoli say the Magpies are ‘ready to shower him with gold’, meaning they’ll throw a huge amount of money at Insigne to get him as a free agent next summer.

Multiple other clubs are also being linked, but it’s Newcastle getting the most attention today.

Of course, the chance of ADL stopping the dramatics and making a reasonable offer to Insigne remains a possible next step.