João Pedro continues to impress for Fluminense.

With nine goals in 15 games, including a hat-trick in Copa Sudamericana and a last minute bicycle kick in the Copa do Brasil, the 17-year-old is on the path to being a star.

That’s why the Brazilian club regret having sold him to Watford in a €2.5m deal before he had even made his debut for the first team. Although the bonuses can make the deal reach up to €10m, the amount is still considered to be too low for his talent.

Last month, when running for the presidential election, candidate Mario Bittencourt had claimed that in case he won, he would try to review the terms of the sale.

Bittencourt did win the election, and speaking to the local media, he’s confirmed he’ll do his best to defend Fluminense’s interests in this transfer.

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“His sale shook us all, not only for the sale, but the way the sale was made. There is no criticism about the suitability of the sale, which was made without any kind of problem. The point is that the club could have tried another way, another solution, before raffling such a talented player for such a low amount. I’m going to get to know the contract on Tuesday. Let’s see if there is a possibility to make him stay longer,” said Bittencourt (via Lance).

João Pedro is set to move to Watford in January, but Lance claims that a decision will be taken by the clubs, the agents and his family, who are already in England getting to know where the player will live. So perhaps Fluminense will be able to keep him for a few more months.

Lance also recalls that there’s a clause in the contract which could cancel the transfer, with Watford being paid a fine of €20m. That means that any club offering over €30m to Fluminese would be giving them the chance of a more lucrative deal.

So perhaps it would be an option for the Hornets to review the first deal, pay a little more and avoid this clause which could make the move collapse.