Christian Eriksen is away with Denmark, so the Danish media, or at least parts of it, are in full ‘OMG HE COULD GO TO REAL MADRID’ mode.

It was once Barcelona who were the club pushed forward most often, but that dream died a little so it’s on to what would be considered the next best thing in Denmark.

If fans only read the Danish media and didn’t take much notice of the Spanish sport press, they may be forgiven for thinking there’s a big daily push over the Tottenham player moving to Real Madrid this summer.

That’s certainly not the reality.

Nevertheless, Danish newspaper BT speak of repeat rumours and have asked some of the player’s Denmark teammates, and even the national manager, about Eriksen moving to Spain.

Ajax’s Lasse Schöne was cornered by BT, and he said: “There’s a lot of speculation and he’s still playing in Tottenham. A player of his calibre would fit in all over, I think. He fit in well with the Netherlands (whilst at Ajax), he fits well in England, so I certainly think he would fit in well with Spain or Italy, or wherever he ends up.”

The Dutch club recently beat Real Madrid, so Schöne was asked, hint-hint, what they’re missing: “You could feel that they lacked Sergio Ramos… He is the leader and makes the right decisions. You could feel that. But of course – a creator in the middle, they could also use it well.”

Well done, Lasse, you took the hint.

Then it was the turn of manager Åge Hareide to be asked what he thinks fo the rumours: “Nothing. I never interfere with what players and agents are doing. Christian is so professional that he does his job in Tottenham, where he is contracted for two years.”

That clearly wasn’t enough, so Hareide was asked if the Spurs player has the qualities for La Liga. Hardly going to reply no, he said: “If that were to happen, Christian could play everywhere. That is not a problem.”

Then it was on to national captain Simon Kjaer: “Christian, he fits in all the clubs around the world. But I will not comment on his future. There is one who decides and it is Christian himself.”

Again, that wasn’t enough. Kjaer, who plays for Sevilla, was asked, looking at Eriksen and Real Madrid, whether he’s the player they’re missing: “I won’t comment on what they are missing and not missing. I think Luka Modric and Toni Kroos are some good players. As I said before, he will take care of everything. It will be exciting to see what happens to Christian.”

The Tottenham player himself is quoted as saying: “I don’t want to talk about all that. You just write everything possible anyway, there is no reason to talk about it. I really just want to focus on the national team and stay here if that’s okay.”