On June 10th, Bild came forward with a big claim on Jadon Sancho’s situation.

The German newspaper reported there’d been a first official offer from Manchester United, totalling £60m.

In the days following there were all kinds of claims backing that up, without much actually appearing to happen. Of course, it was repeated endlessly that personal terms have been agreed, which is the easy go-to claim given that is never likely to kill this transfer.

Ruhr Nachrichten were absent though, and that meant something. Borussia Dortmund’s local newspaper are sensible when it comes to the transfer market, negative even, so when they get positive about a transfer it’s time for optimism.

However, they later turned up to say their sources insisted no official offer had arrived, and they asked: ‘Manchester United vies for BVB star Sancho: same game, same mistakes?’

The whole slant was that Ed Woodward and co needed to behave differently to last summer if they wanted to seal a deal, and BVB wouldn’t be budging on price.

Now, Ruhr Nachrichten are back, and they say: ‘There’s been movement in the Jadon Sancho case’

It’s repeated that Dortmund want ‘around’ €95m as a base transfer fee, plus ‘the usual bonuses’, and that’s not negotiable.

A first bid arrived ‘a few days ago’, and it’s ‘being considered’.

No amount is given, but that the offer isn’t mocked and that it’s not stated the bid has already been rejected is hugely positive, especially when this comes from such a source.