It’s not going over the top to say that Bayern Munich and their closest media were cocky about the prospect of signing Callum Hudson-Odoi during the winter transfer window.

Clearly feeling they had the player’s will on their side, which they could have only known by talking to those close to him or speaking to the player directly, big claims of an impending move were pushed out in the German media.

Then there were even public comments from Bayern about the potential transfer of the 18 year old.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that Chelsea were annoyed with how Bayern seemed to be treating them.

SportBild say Marina Granovskaia ‘felt it was disrespectful’ and therefore the transfer was ‘doomed from the start’.

Interestingly, they also say Schalke asked for Andreas Christensen, by email. Chelsea again weren’t keen, but Granovskaia ‘wrote back kindly’.

Whilst there’s ‘scorched earth’ with Hudson-Odoi and Bayern, things are on a much better level with Schalke.

Bayern Munich have a track record of steamrolling over other German clubs, but Chelsea weren’t ready to allow the same.