Sergio Romero has been speaking whilst away on international duty about his new Manchester United manager José Mourinho. Romero is clearly pleased with the new boss, who he says “will give chances to all the players.”

Quoted by La Nacion newspaper, Romero explained: “Mourinho is a very simple, humble person. I didn’t know him and he sent a message to wish me and my national team the best in the Copa America. He’s aware of everything.

“If he imposes respect for the person, he gives you the freedom to work and gets you out of pressure. In this short time he showed us his way to work tactically and now another Manchester is being seen, the team changed a lot.”

Mourinho has had a very close relationship with players at all the clubs he’s managed, even if some didn’t quite see eye to eye with him by the end.

Romero seems to have been led to believe he’s going to get gets this season, and added: “Mourinho said this is his team and he wants us to strive to play because there always are possibilities.

“There are many other competitions and one you must be prepared to play them. It gives the manager the opportunity to give minutes to everyone. I’ll be ready to play when needed, whatever the competition is.”

Romero will know that realistically his opportunities are going to be very limited, but he sounds enthused about the season ahead, and that’s the work of Mourinho.