The Catalan media are in full sales mode.

For months they’ve been reporting Barcelona need sales this summer, especially if they plan to spend big, and the pressure is on. With their yearly accounts coming to an end this month, the club now have just two weeks to get some money in.

Right now they’re looking at the supposedly easier, lesser sales. So fringe or loan players who can be moved on. One of those is Jasper Cillessen.

Sport have convinced themselves Cillessen is close to an Everton move, which doesn’t make a great deal of sense. To justify this to themselves, they’ve this weekend reported David de Gea is ‘almost certain’ to leave Manchester United for PSG, and Jordan Pickford is set to replace him.

There’s no claim in PSG”s local media that De Gea moving there is close to being a reality, and it’s really Sport going off on a tangent.

Pickford would be Manchester United’s ‘object of desire’ for the position.

It’s even claimed that Barca want close to Cillessen’s €60m release which is pure fantasy, no club will be paying anything like that for the Dutchman.

If these Catalan media opinions are shared at club then they’re going to be in for something of a shock. They won’t be getting even over €40m for Cillessen, and that’s assuming all their dominoes fall into place and Manchester United take Pickford.

Benfica have been interested, but at less than €20m.