A Manchester City scout watched a match between Cruzeiro and Tombense last Sunday, according to the Brazilian media today.

Super Esportes reports the visit of Fabrício Souza, who represents the City group in Latin America, to the Estádio Mineirão.

The outlet claims they’ve asked and even ‘insisted’ in knowing what Fabrício doing there, but were obviously told he could not share that kind of information.

So Super Esportes lists a few players who the emissary could have an eye on. They highlight the presences of Fabrício Bruno, Popó and David, all homegrown starlets.

But there was a specific talent who caught some attention, and that’s Rafael. The goalkeeper, who’s been linked to European sides in the past few months, had a great match once again, guaranteeing a clean sheet in the 2-0 win.

As this is just a match from the State Championship at the start of the season, Manchester City will certainly be back to watch their targets in more competitive games.