This week’s edition of France Football has an interesting small article on Mauricio Pochettino’s current situation at Tottenham Hotspur, and frustrations being shown by the manager.

It’s explained that the ‘nervousness’ recently displayed by Pochettino ‘illustrates his doubts’ about the long term project at Spurs, with the suggestion the manager is starting to look beyond the club.

Annoyance with match officials and his own players after poor results is said to be a sign that the Argentine doesn’t feel he has the ‘weapons’ he needs at his disposal, which would indicate a desire for more signings.

It’s said that at 47 years of age, Pochettino ‘doesn’t have much time to lose’ before reaching the summits, but that may be a stretch given he could easily go on managing for another 15 years without approaching any longevity records.

The opportunity at Manchester United is now less likely because the club seem on the right path without Poch, and that would be a door closed.

France Football was published before Zinedine Zidane returned to Real Madrid this week, and that would look to be the closing of another door.

Less than a week ago, Pochettino spoke to the Spanish media about links to the Madrid job, and said: “Of course I’ll return (to Spanish football). One is always open to new projects. Santiago [Solari] and I were team-mates, but I have respect towards him and I know very well what is going on here (warning the interviewer about the questions).”

Now that job also looks taken, maybe Tottenham will be fortunate that there’s not too much around to tempt their manager right now.