It now looks like a matter of time until Diego Rosa’s move to Manchester City is made official, so we bring the latest from the Brazilian press today.

Grêmio manager Renato Gaúcho confirmed the move in a chat with the local media this morning, saying the club needs to sell young stars in order to ‘survive’.

“This boy hasn’t had a chance yet, but the club need to survive. Nobody guarantees that he’ll break through”, said Renato Gaúcho (via Globo Esporte).

“Thank God, Grêmio are able to sell a boy even before he even goes pro. It proves the quality of the work at the academy. The club can’t miss an opportunity. We keep rooting for him. He’s not the first and won’t be the last”.

Meanwhile, outlet Zero Hora brings today all the details about the transfer, as the 17-year-old should soon be signing a five-year contract with the Premier League side.

Manchester City are expected to pay €5m now and €5m more once the player moves to Europe in January. He isn’t able to go this summer as he’s only turning 18 in October.

Zero Hora claims that Diego Rosa should spend the rest of the season at some other club on loan, which could be either from the City group or not.

In case the midfielder features in over 50% of the games during this spell, then Manchester City are paying Grêmio a bonus of €4m.

Once Rosa returns to England, there are €15m more in other bonuses. These are his registration to the Premier League, and reaching 10 appearances for the club, which could be made in the Premier League or the Champions League.

These goals can be achieved until 2025.

Globo Esporte also writes that the paperwork is being done and the deal could be announced on Friday.