Manchester United have sent officials to watch Grêmio on Wednesday night, according to a report from Brazil.

Journalist Farid Germano claims that the emissaries have been received by the Brazilian side, and then watched the Cup game against Bahia.

He says the Red Devils were ‘primarily’ watching Everton Cebolinha, who after winning the Copa America on Sunday, is back in action and scored his side’s goal in the 1-1 draw.

The journalist also claims that Bayern Munich are preparing a bid for Everton, and Milan, who have made a proposal, received a counter offer from Grêmio.

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Last night’s match was surrounded by stories asking if this could be Everton’s last appearance for Grêmio. But the local press continues to claim that there are no official offers for the forward.

Farid Germano doesn’t have the best reputation among Grêmio fans, but let’s wait and see if he’s right about this one. For now, he’s the only one reporting it.