The season has barely started, but we can already see that ESPN Brasil will do a great coverage of the Premier League once again.

Just this Thursday night, the channel aired two interviews with Manchester United players. One of them was with Andreas Pereira, who spoke about Sir Alex Ferguson, José Mourinho and his love for Brazil.

Now ESPN also managed to make a live chat with Fred, who talked about his arrival to the club this summer on ‘Futebol no Mundo’ show.

Smiling as always, the midfielder has spoken about his Premier League debut at Old Trafford, which was made last Friday in the 2-1 win against Leicester City.

“It’s a wonderful feeling, isn’t it, man. To be able to get on the pitch here at Old Trafford, this great stadium, which has a lot of history, wearing that Manchester shirt”, Fred told ESPN Brasil. “For me it is an honor, an immense happiness, and I want to continue working here, growing, so that I can also make history with this shirt.”

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Regarding the adaptation to English football, the player says he’s still getting used to it: “It’s a different pace of play, right? It’s different from the Ukrainian league, very different. Here you have to play a little faster.

“At first I felt the difference a bit. But I’m adapting. Now in training I’m already a little more calm, taking the same game style of the English league. And now I just have to grow. But the debut was good. We had a great game. I’ve made some mistakes there, which are normal for a debut. But I hope that in the next games I can grow more and improve my football here at Manchester.”

Asked about the relationship with Mourinho, Fred claimed that the manager is a nice person, even though people have a different impression of him: “He’s a nice guy. In day-to-day we talk a lot in the changing room, in training. He’s a very good guy, very intelligent. A great manager, needless to say. He looks kind of tough, but he’s a pretty cool guy right there with us. He’s always joking, he’s a great guy.”