Manchester United midfielder Andreas Pereira doesn’t really like being called a Belgium player.

The 22-year-old has given an interview to ESPN Brasil this week, and has has shown he actually has a bigger affection for Brazil, despite being born in Europe.

“My whole family is in Brazil. I am the son of Brazilian parents, so there are several times that people say it very wrong, that I am a Belgian with Brazilian nationality. No, I’m Brazilian with Belgian nationality”, Andreas Pereira told ESPN Brasil.

“I was born in Belgium because my father played football there. But my parents are Brazilian, my family is Brazilian. I go every year to Brazil, I visit my family there in Paraná. And besides, I always see Brazil as my home, so I always go there, and when I get the chance I’ll always go.”

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Andreas only didn’t say more because according to ESPN, Manchester United have asked them not to make any questions about the player’s choice for national team.

Earlier this week, reports from both South America and Europe claimed that the player would be in Roberto Martinez’ next list for the Belgium national team.

Still, reporter Natali Gedra has learned that the player’s preference is to play for Brazil. Considering the interview, it’s pretty obvious he has bigger feelings for the South American Country.

Lucky for him, he was called up by Brazilian manager Tite on Friday.