Although the cup final is getting most of the attention from the Portuguese media on Friday, Bruno Fernandes’ possible farewell to the country is also a hot topic.

The player has given a press conference ahead of the match against Porto, and ended up being surrounded by questions about his future. Linked endlessly with Manchester United and Manchester City, he’s been one of the biggest Portuguese stories this year, on and off the pitch.

Fernandes still says he doesn’t know if this will be his last game for Sporting or not, and claims to be focused on winning a trophy for the club.

“I have no idea. For now I have a contract and everything that might happen, will have to come in time. Right now I’m focused on the ambitions of Sporting, which are mine. I honestly don’t know anything else,” said Bruno Fernandes (via Diário de Notícias).

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“I always said that I came back to Sporting because they have ambitions like the ones I have. I said that I would leave Sporting once my ambitions were greater than those of the club, but they are not at the moment. The ambition to be national champion is still here and so I have no reason to leave. Obviously if an irrefutable proposal for me arrives, and it’s good for the club, let’s get together and decide together.”

With the player being heavily linked to Manchester City and Manchester United, he was also asked how he feels about the Premier League and his chance of a transfer to England.

“I always said that I was an ambitious player and from a very early age I have a dream of playing in England, where you can live pure football without big controversy, without big cases. Now, any of the other leagues, Germany, Spain and Italy are also very good and ambitious. But as I said I’m good at Sporting and now I’m focused on the cup. Then I want to make a good pre-season and if anything comes up I’m available to do what is best for the club.”

Saying all the right things for his current fans, but it’s pretty clear Bruno fancies a move to the Premier League.