Liverpool midfielder Fabinho has been interviewed by Cléber Machado, one of Brazil’s most important commentators, on the ‘Hoje Sim’ podcast this week.

In the long interview, he recalled his entire career, from his start at Paulínia to Fluminense, Rio Ave, Real Madrid, Monaco and finally Liverpool.

Despite the great conversation, they talked very little about the Reds. The subject actually only came up when Fabinho was telling some stories about the national team.

The midfielder was asked about which Seleção suffers most from shyness, and said he couldn’t reveal it, since the person would be mad at him, especially because he’s his teammate at Liverpool.

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Cléber Machado found out it’s Roberto Firmino, and started talking about how good the striker is in England, although he can’t keep the same form with the national team.

So Fabinho opened up about him, talking about the importance Firmino has for Jurgen Klopp’s side.

“At Liverpool he is the perfect player there for that position. Because he’s a smart guy, a guy who helps a lot in the build-up. A guy that from time to time I see him on the side recovering balls. I say, ‘Thanks, Firmino, cheers for the help’ (laughs).

“And with our characteristic of the two open players, he helps a lot because he scores goals and gives players the ball to score goals as well. And Klopp says that an irreplaceable player for him is Firmino.

“And I’m going to talk about my vision: I’ve always liked him a lot, but when you follow him every day, you realise that the guy is different. The guy is very good.”