There’s been countless claims from Spain on Jasper Cillessen to Liverpool, most of them making a lot of sense.

Jurgen Klopp almost certainly needs a goalkeeper this summer, Cillessen is getting a little frustrated with his lack of games, and Barcelona would be able to get a good fee for a squad member who hardly plays, replacing for less than they get.

The Dutchman has a release clause of €60m and whilst some claims in Spain have stated Barca will ask for that, far more sensible takes have put the price at around half that figure. For Liverpool, it would be a much cheaper signing than Alisson, for example.

Now, with all that sense out of the way, Don Balon have got hold of the story and given it their unique treatment.

At some point they’ll manage to drag Mohamed Salah into things (with Cillessen presented as part payment) but for now it’s claimed Liverpool are ‘willing to pay’ for the player (with the insinuation being they’d meet that €60m figure, which is unlikely) and Sergio Busquets has dropped a bombshell.

The Barcelona midfielder has shared ‘absolutely devastating news’ with his Spain teammates, and it’s that Cillessen will leave if someone pays the €60m clause.

Devastating? Ok.

If a club were to put the €60m down then it’s possible Barcelona would tie a bow around Cillessen and get him on a private jet before anyone changed their mind. That’s not talking the goalkeeper down, but given their financial situation, Barca can’t have a €60m goalkeeper on the bench for 95% of the season.