Before Don Balon became Undisputed Spanish Nonsense Rumour Champions there was Punto Pelota and El Chiringuito.

Punto Pelota seems to have died away, but El Chiringuito continues on its path, claiming all kinds of things and hoping some of them come true.

It’s a TV show and is really big in Spain, there’s not really an equivalent in England. El Chiringuito have several journalists, who have made themselves celebrities, and they compete to come up with the biggest claim of the evening.

As the camera dramatically focuses in, the journalist shares the information, whilst in the background there’s sound effects to set the scene.

Today, Eduardo Inda claimed Jose Mourinho has contacted Gareth Bale and told the Welshman he’ll win the Ballon d’Or by joining Manchester United. Inda somehow manages to look like the most untrustworthy person on the planet whilst clearly trying to project the exact opposite.

The claims have already been picked up by English newspapers, but where they have come from is crucial. Mourinho may well want Bale, and the Real Madrid player may well go to Manchester United, but this claim is more for TV entertainment than anything else.