There’s several claims around the Catalan media on Friday relating to the Coutinho saga, and Sport are putting over a confident outlook again.

Seemingly not scared of repeatedly changing their figures, Sport now believe a transfer can be done for a figure around €140m in January, and Liverpool have accepted to receive that in instalments.

It’s explained Barcelona still have bridges with Liverpool despite difficult relations during the summer transfer window, and Coutinho’s agents have kept contact going up until now.

Liverpool have ‘in the last few days’ entered talks with Barcelona about a January sale. The Catalan club are confident in the will of the player, and it’s stated Coutinho has told Liverpool he wants a move to Barcelona and won’t consider any other option, namely PSG, put to him.

Despite all of that, Sport say it’s always been the intention of Liverpool not to sell the player, led in that regard by manager Jurgen Klopp (probably why the Catalan press don’t seem to like him). What the club want now, claim Sport, is a deal that will leave Liverpool fans happy with the situation, and not feel Coutinho has been sold too cheap.

On that front, Liverpool are open to ‘reach an agreement’ and then spend a big chunk of the money elsewhere.