Among the many strong comments about the clash between Manchester United and Liverpool this weekend, there’s been the rant from Roy Keane about the behaviour of Brazilian players.

The Red Devils’ legend didn’t like to see stars from different teams greeting each other in the tunnel, claiming that they should have in their minds they were ‘going to war’ instead.

Liverpool striker Roberto Firmino was interviewed by ESPN Brasil after the match, and reporter João Castelo Branco asked his opinion about Roy Keane’s words.

Firmino made it clear he doesn’t want to pick a fight with the pundit, but made sure to defend himself against all the accusations.

“I don’t want to create controversy with anyone. I find it quite normal before the game to greet each other, ask how they are doing,” Firmino told ESPN Brasil.

“That’s all. Nothing more than that. But on the pitch, they aren’t friends, each one defends his club to the best of his ability. Then the rivalry increases on the pitch.”

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Brazilians who play in England all have a big friendship, especially those who live in the north. The adaptation to the country used to be a problem in the past, but they’ve all been helping each other with this in the past decade, so it’s natural to see them showing a bigger affection, regardless of which club they play for.

Roy Keane’s quotes have been covered in Brazil, and most of the reaction was pretty much against the former Manchester United player. Most Brazilians said this should not be a problem, since the players are friends off the pitch.

Many others questioned why was he called a ‘legend’ by ESPN.