It seems that the wife of Manchester United goalkeeper Sergio Romero isn’t very happy that he’ll be missing the World Cup.

As reported by the Argentine media this Tuesday, the 31-year-old is not travelling to Russia due to a knee injury.

Even though the local reports believe the problem is bad enough to take him out of the tournament, Eliana Guercio, who’s been married to the goalkeeper since 2008, believes he could recover in time.

Using her Twitter account on Tuesday night, Guercio has written several messages blaming the national team’s staff for not giving Romero a chance to play in the tournament.

“The injury occurred in the game against Spain,” she tweeted. “Sergio will have a clean where they remove a loose small part, and with a knee that has nothing broken the recovery takes two weeks to be fit. But private interests are worth more than national team for some.”

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Answering a fan, she said: “The injury is an injury, but it is not broken, in two weeks he would be playing. It’s not to make problems but the conjectures are liars. Because it’s not broken.”

There was a further tweet reading simply ‘Lies, lies, lies’ (see below).

It’s worth mentioning that this Twitter account has been created this month, and doesn’t have any convincing proof that it really belongs to Eliana Guercio. However, since all the Argentine media (including major daily newspaper Clarin) believe it’s hers, we’re going with the flow here.