Manchester United’s Jose Mourinho was recently linked with taking over at PSG, a story which was inflated over a couple of weeks without anything much backing it up other than vague comments from the Portuguese boss.

The Manchester United fans who have most bought into Mourinho’s reign at Old Trafford were worried by the claims, but in truth there didn’t seem to be an awful lot coming from France to justify the worry.

With Unai Emery under question since he got the PSG job, managers are often linked, but Mourinho isn’t exactly a standout candidate for the French media.

That’s been backed up by Thursday’s edition of L’Equipe, with replacements being considered for Emery. PSG losing two games in a row, one to Strasbourg and one to Bayern Munich, has put huge pressure on the manager.

Maybe at some point it will click in France that undermining the manager and making his position weaker actually makes the job near impossible and harms PSG as a whole, but until that penny drops, the candidates are presented.

And, Manchester United’s current boss isn’t considered a major one. L’Equipe refer to recent reports and say the ‘English media imagined’ Mourinho could join PSG in the summer but, whilst nothing is excluded, ‘that’s not the trend’.

Mourinho isn’t the profile PSG would be looking for, and there’s certainly no big clamour to get him from Manchester United.

Other possibilities are Massimo Allegri, Antonio Conte, Diego Simeone and Luis Enrique. PSG are wary of getting someone who will upset Neymar, which probably gives another reason why the whole manager pursuit may be hamstrung from the start.