L’Equipe are looking around for a new manager for PSG, because losing two games on the bounce won’t do and Unai Emery is under increasing pressure.

PSG are in a good position to win the French league, and having a Champions League campaign which certainly can’t be considered bad, but the big red panic button has been pressed.

Chelsea boss Antonio Conte is presented as one of the candidates for PSG… but there’s a couple of issues. Conte is said to be potentially eyeing the Italy national job if he does leave Chelsea in the summer, and his personality is maybe too brash for the Parisians.

Conte’s ‘sometimes conflicting and uncompromising’ management could be a problem for ‘Neymar and other players’, which counts against the current Chelsea manager’s chances.

PSG seem to want a yes-man, someone who not only will be easy for the club’s board to deal with, but who will also keep their Brazilian superstar as happy as can possibly be.

The possibility isn’t mentioned, but perhaps just being done with it and making Neymar and his dad joint coaches could be a way forward.