Since being bought by Leicester City on the deadline day of the transfer window, Adrien Silva has become a Foxes player. He’s had medicals, signed a contract, visited the facilities and even watched a game at the King Power Stadium.

And as we all know, he just can’t play because of the 14 seconds delay when being registered by the Premier League club. FIFA didn’t accept the move and he’s forbidden from playing for the Foxes until January.

Meanwhile, Adrien Silva had’t been training with the squad. He has been working alone, with injury being a possible reason for part of the time, at least while the club worked on a solution for the case.

So Leicester appealed the decision, and as reported by them yesterday, FIFA still did not accept the transfer, so the situation remains the same.

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But something has changed, and it’s the fact that from now on, Adrien will be training with the first team squad.

Newspaper Record spoke to Anthony Herlihy, a press officer from the club, who said “Adrien can train with the team already.”

But what Record, and probably every Leicester City fan is asking is: why? His status is the same, and the newspaper wasn’t given the reason why he’s only allowed to work with the squad now.

Would Leicester be keeping him away from the squad until he was allowed to play, but changed their minds after knowing that it won’t happen so soon? That’s a possibility, and there aren’t many others we can think of.