English football fans normally don’t have much of an idea of how the finances of Brazilian clubs run, but by now Watford supporters are pretty aware of how broke Fluminense are.

We often cover stories from Brazil saying Flu are waiting for the Hornets to pay for their share on Richarlison, or even for João Pedro, who’s moving to the Premier League side in 2020.

This Friday, Globo Esporte brings a new story saying América-MG are taking legal action against Fluminense because they didn’t pay all the instalments for the transfer of Richarlison in 2015.

The striker moved from América to Fluminense in a £2m deal that year, and the fee was supposed to be paid in two instalments. One of them in August this year.

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“The president of Fluminense came three times to Belo Horizonte, saying that he would pay, he would pay, he would pay… And he did not pay. It upset us a lot in the end. We’re running the club, but it’s things the supporters don’t know,” America president Marcus Salum told Globo Esporte.

Interestingly, Fluminense made a lot of money with Richarlison afterwards. They sold him to Watford for £11.2m in 2017, and kept 10% of a future sale, getting that share of the £35m move to Everton this year.

But seemingly can’t pay America, a much smaller club, the £1m they’re due.