There was big expectation from Argentine side Banfield that they’d get part of the fee from James Rodriguez’s transfer from Real Madrid to Everton.

But according to a financial official at the club, they won’t receive a penny from the move. Just like the Galacticos.

On Banfield’s official website, there’s a statement from Ignacio Uzquiza in which he says James Rodriguez has moved to Everton on a free transfer.

Due to the big speculation about how much the Toffees paid for the South American star, the Argentine club went to see how much they’d get from the solidarity mechanism. When contacting the sides involved in the transfer, Banfield found out that no one is making a penny from the move.

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“Unfortunately, from James Rodríguez from Real Madrid to Everton, no money is due to Banfield,” said Ignacio Uzquiza.

“The transaction was made at no cost, as if he was a free player. The pertinent consultations have already been made to the two clubs involved and to the corresponding organisations. In all cases they confirmed that the club will not receive money through a solidarity mechanism.”

James Rodriguez joined Banfield in 2008, at the age of 17. He stayed at the club for two years, and moved to Europe in 2010.

Led by agent Jorge Mendes, the midfielder was the protagonist of big transfers to Porto, Monaco, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and finally Everton.