The Portuguese newspaper with the biggest article on Rui Patricio today is O Jogo. It takes a full page and encroaches on to the next one, just to be precise of the size (not that this really matters).

And things are a little different in this complicated situation.

Patricio’s deadline to reverse his contract recision has now ended but that doesn’t mean a court case is inevitable. Wolves are said to still be willing to pay a transfer fee for the goalkeeper, but only if Bruno de Carvalho resigns.

Given Bruno has managed to weathered storms which should have sunk him, such a scenario may be difficult to imagine happening soon, but O Jogo certainly think it’s a possibility.

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If that were to happen, then Wolves would be willing to pay a fee, although not the €18m which had previously been agreed. Personal terms and everything else between Patricio and Wolves have already been agreed, and it’s reiterated he’s already had a medical in London.

Should Bruno’s exit not happen, it’s stated Wolves are evaluating how they’d go about the free transfer and whilst the likelihood of Patricio moving to the English club is talked up, O Jogo add ‘at this moment nothing is closed’.