Miguel Almirón’s agent hasn’t avoided talking about the player’s potential future away from Newcastle United.

The representative spoke to outlets from two different countries this week, and in each of the interviews, he teased over a new club.

It all started at the beginning of the week, when Daniel Campos was interviewed by Paraguayan radio show Versus. He claimed that due to Almirón’s good season, he could soon go somewhere else.

“Miguel Almirón was in the interest of Atletico Madrid, but no offer was made. When everything returns to normal, Miguel will take a leap in quality,” Daniel Campos told Versus.

He also said the midfielder has the preference for a certain style of play: “Almirón’s work with the national team and with Newcastle has been enormous. He’d like to play for a team with more possession.

“If it wasn’t for the pandemic, he’d already be somewhere else. In June he may be able to take the leap.”

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Now on Wednesday, it was time for Daniel Campos to be interviewed by Italian outlet Europa Calcio. He started by talking about the positions where Almirón plays, and how calm he is at Newcastle United for now.

“Almirón can play in various positions and is always available to the coach wherever he needs him. Obviously he stands out more in offensive positions and with ball possession, but he has no difficulty in assuming other roles to the advantage of the team.

“Almirón is happy at Newcastle and when the time comes we will analyse it. Now his reality is Newcastle and qualification for the World Cup with Paraguay.”

Quizzed about the Atletico Madrid interest revealed by himself earlier this week, he said: “At the moment it’s just rumours”.

Still, the representative revealed that a Italian side have been interested in his signing: “Inter have shown interest in Miguel Almiron, but no progress has been made.”

Miguel Almirón is currently well tied by Newcastle United with a contract until 2024. Even though the Magpies spent €24m on his signing in January 2019, he’s currently valued by Transfemarkt at only €16m.