Manchester United representatives reportedly met the agents of the Brazilian left-back Guilherme Arana on Tuesday.

According to the Brazilian website UOL, the Red Devils officials wanted more information about the 19-year-old.

The bad news is that they found out that Arana doesn’t have an European passport, which would make the transfer more difficult, given he’s still to be a national team player. A work permit would still be possible under the new points system, dependent on transfer fee paid and the player’s salary.

Corinthians reportedly like the idea of selling the player soon, even though the club only owns 40% of the player’s economic rights. The other 60% are split between agents.

The story has amde waves in Brazil, so Fox Sports asked his main agent if the recent rumours are true. Fernando Garcia said: “There’s nothing. United are watching Arana. There was an informal contact, but with no figures shown.”

Manchester United’s interest was first reported by the website Tutto Mercato Web, who said a meeting between club and agents had been scheduled.

One of the people who take care of the player’s career, Leonardo Cornacini, has recently posted on Instagram a photo where he showed he was at Manchester United’s facilities.

As we’ve said before, Corinthians are not living a good financial moment and wouldn’t mind getting a few million pounds in exchange for the player.

The problem is that by having only 40% of his rights, they’d certainly push for a bit more money, making it a snowball for the other representatives.

Brazilian agents who own a percentage aren’t easy to deal with either, as we’ve already seen in Gabriel Jesus’ transfer. So Manchester United would have a complicated deal ahead.